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- - - we live. really.

Well, we've been shamefully neglecting this blog since school hit us. Meg in particular is dead from doing crew and school at once, as if winter training and normal spring crew weren't enough. But I am, of course, biased against anything that takes my beloved Meg-chan away from me. XD

There are invisible people in our philosophy class. One of them is a small blond winged boy named Maurice, who has reading classes and a shirt with a sephirotic tree design on the front and little Sakura-esque wings on the back. Maurice doesn't talk a whole lot, which probably comes of being generally invisible, but he's very sweet when he does. We like him.

Further proof the the author of Sabriel and Lirael is cool may be found here. Gotta love genre fantasy. XD Of course, as much as I gripe about it (usually with instance that Tolkien was The True Genius Who Has Been Poorly Imitated as an aside), I liked the Eddings books, which are about as genre as you can get, so I can't in all honesty complain too much. But I will anyway.

The proliference of insanely long and remarkably mediochre fantasy novels annoys me. >_> I mean... so much of a bad thing, it's almost like Not, of course, to that degree - at least (most) published works get copy-edited and hopefully content-edited as well, but similar problems. It seems that everything imaginable has been done, good basic writing isn't necessarily a prerequisite, really good writing with style and stuff (ooh, ahh) is a rarity, and it's such a chore to wade through all the blahness that finding something good often doesn't really seem worth it. I tend to be a bit snobby about this stubject, though - it annoys me to have the entire genre associated with lameness as a result of the combination of that sort of problem. Well, stereotypes don't help any, but that's just stupidity on the part of those not involved, mainly. Let's just say, I don't go around saying I'm a fantasy fan for the same reason I don't go around saying I'm an anime fan to everyone I meet - I'd rather not be taken for a drooling fanperson right away, thankyouverymuch. In the case of anime, a lot of it is amazingly stupid, and I don't watch that. In the case of fantasy, some of it is also pretty stupid, but since we're talking a much more unified category here, it doesn't seem like there should be the same problem since it's not stupid by definition, but... yeah. This is just getting more and more incoherent by the moment, so I'll shut up and talk about the actual books. ^^

The first fantasy-type book I've been meaning to blog about is Rhapsody (Elizabeth Haydon), which I read over the summer. It starts out with cool bit about a guy editing time, which made no sense to me at the time but I am assured does so by the end of the (of course) third book. But then, sadly, it went into this random introduction in which a young boy from standard vaguely European mideaval fantasy land is transported back in time to previous vaguely mideaval fantasy land, where he meets a pretty girl, is conviced that they are soul mates, has sex, and goes poof. Oh, the drama. When the friend who recommended this book to me told me this part of the story, it sounded quite interesting. When I read it, I was struggling to pay attention, and, during the love scenes, struggling not to gag from the excessive flowery metaphors and sheer overdone waff. Urg. But once I got to the actual plot, it was pretty cool. The world is fun, too. The main character is annoyingly perfect, to a self-insert-like extreme. She's a former prostitute - golden blonde hair, startingly green eyes, that exact wording - turned Singer, partway between a bard and a sorcerer, has the requisite fiery temper yet gentle nature, which is shown in her affection towards cute little orphaned children. Her characterization would me by main gripe with the book, which was otherwise interesting. There's a stoic grouchy assassin, too, and a big ugly warrior with a heart of gold, but they're nowhere near as clichéd as Rhapsody herself. I may or may not bother reading the rest of these - I'm curious about parts of the plot, I like the other two main characters, and their interactions are good. So... meh. We'll see. The magic in this is almost entirely of the kind involving true names and such, which idea is carried somewhat to an extreme. There's also ideas about sort of the musical part of true names, which is where our heroine being a singer/namer comes in. The music part is pretty interesting, though I'm kind of biased towards things that use music as magic, because I find the idea intriguing.

Also want to babble about Sabriel and Lirael (Garth Nix), which I liked very much. They were also fun to read and in an interesting world, but with nothing jarringly off about them this time. South of Hadrian's Wall (which is renamed, but still a big stone wall in the same place) is more or less modern-day England. North of the wall is the 'old kingdom', where magic abounds, technology mostly doesn't work, and everything is much more happy fantasy land. Except, of course, that it's not happy (suprprise). Magic in the old kingdom is mostly part of a huge 'charter' of all organized, relatively safe, usually good magic. What isn't is free magic, which tends to be used for evil purposes, primarily necromancy. I kind of like this system, because the definitions and boundaries aren't so clear, and it's all about how the magic is used that determines its moral nature, so to speak, although unrestricted free magic does usually tend towards bad stuff. The books center around two families, of sorts. One is a line of of inverse necromancers, so to speak, who go around defeating scary undead things and sending them back to death. The other is a much larger family in which the women are (almost) all seers. I'm sure there are things that aren't absolutely wonderful about the books, they're not perfect or anything, but I find the world intriguing, the characters I like, and I want to know what happens next, damnit. ^^ The third one, Abhorsen, is supposed to be published in February. I've found chapter excerps here.

And, in a shocking development, I like the cover art for the first two. Amazing. o.o

And Lirael is cool because she reminds me of me. XD Vain? Nahh. Actually, I like her because she's like me, only cooler. That whole shy, long dark hair, bookworm thing, I suppose. I want a Disreputable Dog. XD

The other book I wanted to babble about is Kushiel's Dart, which I finally got to read (well, not quite done yet, but almost. They're at the Master of the Straits' island. ^^). I like, very much. The slightly different history is intriguing, as is the plot, and I love so many of the characters it's a bit disconcerting - Delaunay (;_;), Hyacinthe, Joscelin, Phèdre of course... and all the smaller characters, too. Even Melisade is fascinating. They're all so pretty, too. o.o Makes me want to draw, very much so. And the Frenchness! Goodness, so many things I like about this book (notice how these things are getting less and less objective? ^^). I don't like the cover art for this one - Phèdre doesn't look like that, for one thing, I assume she's prettier. And I'm not incredibly fond of the version of her marque that's on the cover, either. It's cool, but rather simple, and not quite abstract enough for the description. Alcuin's, speaking of which, absolutely is beyond me to draw. How would you draw 'elegant scrollwork' that is somehow reminiscent of a mountain stream? Doi. But that just makes it more of a challenge, of course. I might be happier if there were less sex (and... ah, anguissette, too), but it's all well-written and mostly serves a purpose - you couldn't lose the scene with Melisande, to take an extreme example - but still. Thus far, my favourite part was the Skaldia bit. The character development there is just wonderful (Joscelin~!).

Anyway, sleep calls.

11:47 p.m., Tuesday, September 24, 2002

- - - *poses dramatically on building with trenchcoat flying in the wind*

Please. *eyes Kim* You can't possibly open up this blog to Aya without letting me in - I suppose that wouldn't be a bad thing, not necessarily. But I'd so easily beat the pants off of Aya-blogger that it's almost not worth it. I mean, honestly. A blog entry from Aya would probably go something like this.


Why am I doing this? I need to go out and kill things. w00t.


No, I'm not doing it for Sophie. Even though she did tell me to. Not at all. I'm doing it because I am a Dark and Angsty Bishounen who doesn't need to explain his reasons for doing anything. Now shut up or I'll get out the Katana of Doom.

Of course, Sophie and Meg have that little joke about what that katana really symbolizes... Which Sophie denies, of course. But really there's no denying the symbolic possibilities of a gorgeous, effeminate man living with three other gorgeous, effeminate men (except for me, who is very much not effeminate) and who relies day and night on his katana to distract him from the pain and torment of the real world.

You know, I could go on for years about how screwy Aya is in his head, but since I'm not really cruel, I won't.

But dammit, his katana is so a phallic symbol.


10:52 a.m., Tuesday, August 27, 2002

- - -

And now for a sample of what I had to go through to get Meg to produce the preceeding entry:

me: you. *pokes* blog!
Meg: eee!
Meg: *hides under desk*
me: *drags Meg out*
me: you cannot escape! it is your destiny!
Meg: noooo! *clings to desk by teeth*
me: *drags desk along, too*
me: oh, wait. except your computer is probably on top of the desk. o.o *ponders*
me: I will have to send my minions to finish the task, then!
Meg: yes, it is.
Meg: minions?
me: ^____^
Meg: *gets aya ward put on door*
me: Darling, Aya does not go through the door unless he has to.
me: *Aya crashes through Meg's window*
Meg: *and all the windows too*
Meg: damn, too late!
me: hah. XD
Meg: *whips youji out from the desk drawer*
me: o.O
Meg: sic 'im, yo-tan!
me: Somehow, I think Youji'd just laze around posing rather than expend actual energy or anything. XD
me: especially against Aya.
Meg: he would for me! *glares*
Meg: I'm the fic writer.
Meg: youji does what I want him to do! *cracks whip*
me: ....mhm. -_-
me: Fine, then.
me: I'll have Aya blog for you!
Meg: *peers*
me: Aya: *types* ..............
Meg: I can't stop staring at this picture. o_o
me: Aya the angsty teen blogger. The shocking truth.

Only later, with the valiant aid of Eve-chama was this entry produced. Be proud. XD


10:30 p.m., Saturday, August 24, 2002

- - - w00t
I'm being told by multiple people to blog, and because it is -far- more annoying to listen to them than it is to babble inanely... well. I shall blog.

Well. First of all, Folken is mine. Youji is mine, and Eriol is mine. Since this blog was originally mine and I only let Sophie in because I'm nice, I let her have Aya. *righteous smirk*

Anyway, I suppose the inaugural entry of snobbery should, ironically, be based upon the Worldwide Lazy Fangirls Assocation mailing list we both belong to. It was originally created 'cause everyone was tired of the stupid people on the CCSFWML, and wanted their own place to rant and rave about fangirly things having to do with CCS and everything else on this Earth.

Right now we're doing Harry/Firebolt, I think?

Anyway. It's amazing how the moderators have posted time and time again how aggravating it is to have people join the list and then NOT post on-topic... *le sigh* On topic posts are supposed to be stuff like pairings and such that you get approved -ahead- of time by the moderators. They are not, I repeat, are -not- introductions depicting yourself as an immature teenager who, for God's sake, enjoyed the second Lion King movie.

Someone who enjoyed Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is only a step away from someone who enjoyed watching dubbed Escaflowne and that, my friends, is insanity.

That is all.

09:57 p.m., Saturday, August 24, 2002

- - - testing, testing...

This is just a first post, not much point beyond putting something there. Eventually Meg and I will blog here. Right now... I'm tired. ^^


07:43 p.m., Wednesday, August 14, 2002

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